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How to Make Low Country Boil

Posted on 04/01/2014

Low Country Boil  is a classic staple of the Brunswick Beaches and other coastal areas. This is also refered to as a steam pot locally.  It’s easy to make at the house and you only use one pot so its great for easy clean up! You can get creative with the seafood you use, but I recommend only using something in a shell. Scallops or fish can get mushy. Traditional Low Country boil is simply potatoes, sausage, corn, shrimp and mussels, but we like to mix it up a little in the Brunswick Beaches!


  • 6 Fresh ears of corn, cut in half (so you have 12 halves total)
  • Red baby potatoes
  • Italian Sausage (chopped into 1 inch thick circles)
  • Fresh Shrimp ( do not peel)
  • Fresh Clams or Mussels (or both!)
  • Snow Crab Legs or Whole Blue Crabs
  • ¼  cup vinegar
  • Old Bay


  • Fill a large boiling pot about half way with water. Add vinegar and Old Bay to taste. You will layer in each item depending on how long it takes to cook each. Set heat to about medium.
  • First layer I throw in is the potatos as they take the longest to cook
  • After about 10 minuets, I throw in the corn and sausage
  • After about 5-10 more minuets, I throw in the crab legs and crabs
  • After about 5 more minuets I throw I the clams and/or mussles
  • A couple minuets after the clams and mussles, I throw in the shrimp
  • 5 minutes after the shrimp has been added (or the shrimp are a pretty pink and floating—watch carefully shrimp overcook easily) this is done
  • Drain, put it back in the pot, and serve with lots of paper towels and extra vinegar and old bay!

Cooking Tips

  • Potatoes take 25 minuets to boil
  • Corn takes around 15 minuets
  • Sausage takes 10-15 minuets
  • Crab legs and blue crabs both take about 10 minuets
  • Mussles and Clams both take about 5-10 minuets
  • Shrimp takes about 5 minuets
  • Use desecration when layering and keep in mind these times aren’t exact so just keep your eye on everything.
  • If you need to add more water midway through, go ahead. You need to make sure its all items in the pot are covered with water.

This is one of my familes favorite summer time meals. Don't forget to serve with Sweet Tea, Lemonade, or an ice cold beer. Enjoy!

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