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A Chilly Evening in Sunset Beach

Posted on 03/29/2013

It has been n the upper 50’s/lower 60’s all week, and here I am complaining that it is Easter weekend and it should be a lot warmer! After all, I do live at the beach and I am ready for warm temperatures and beach weather. After a few minutes of pouting I realize that weather in the 50’s really isn’t that awfully bad, especially considering many other parts of the nation have had snow this week. After hearing a girlfriend of mine in Maryland describe their weather, I decided to stop whining and instead realize how lucky I am to live in this beautiful area! I wouldn’t trade a day at the beach in the 50’s for a day in the city with snow no matter how much you paid me!

Last night we stopped by Fibber McGees in Sunset Beach to have a couple beers. It was PACKED. Fibber McGees is on Beach Drive in Sunset Beach, on Queen Anne Street, in a cute little shopping center that also consists of a hair salon, a nail salon, some cute shops, and much more! Fibbers is a nice Irish Bar, that is often packed with golfers from out of town, and locals alike. It was so busy inside that my friends and I had to sit outside! Luckily the management had recently purchased outside heaters, so even though the air had a bit of a chill to it, it was perfectly pleasant outside. We ate wings, sipped craft beer, and enjoyed the scene around us.

Fibber McGees is open for lunch, dinner, and the late night crowd and is a wonderful restaurant.  It doesn’t get too rowdy like some of the beach bars ... It has a calmer atmosphere with a more mature crowd. In the spring and summer it is often open for breakfast as well. While you are in Sunset Beach, be sure to check out the area around Fibber McGees for great shopping and food! Stop on in to Hair Du, a couple shops down from Fibbers, and get a fresh new hair style by Johnna while you are in town! I personally love Johnna and Hair Du…. From Classy to Trendy, she can give you the perfect style to suite your taste. Who wouldn’t want to say they got their new du at the beach? Stop by some of the shops while you are there, and dress as the locals do!

Queen Anne Street in Sunset Beach is one of my favorite places to hang out. Good Food. Good Shops. Good Company. And Good Drinks to warm you up if you are a baby like me and can’t take it when it’s under 70 degrees!

Happy Travels,


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