Bald Head Island

Only accessible by the Bald Head Island Ferry that leaves from Southport, this island is truly the most remote of the entire Brunswick Beaches region. In fact, when you arrive there you can only get from point A to point B via golf cart. The ferry takes visitors across the Cape Fear River to Brunswick Beaches’ most remote island, full of golfing, relaxation and a perfectly set up vacation community.

Bald Head is well-known for its lighthouse, “Old Baldy”, which visitors from far and wide enjoy climbing. Although the lighthouse is now out of service, it is known for being North Carolina’s oldest standing lighthouse. It was later replaced by Oak Island’s lighthouse in the 50s. “Old Baldy” was built in 1817 and it gives the island a feeling of rich history and nostalgia. Even though it is well over 150 years old, the lighthouse on Bald Head Island is actually the second version of the lighthouse originally erected in 1794.

When vacationers think of privacy, Bald Head Island should be one of the first destinations that come to mind. This coastal location is known for its untouched beaches and unique setting. There are few places left that require either a ferry or private vessel to reach and that is what often attracts visitors and residents to this special island. Once you visit Bald Head Island, it will always have a special place in your heart. It’s almost a requirement that tourists to the area climb the lighthouse, visit the old church, play a round of golf, stay in one of the villas and drive one of the golf carts. Did we forget to mention – stay away from the alligators??

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Photography by A.E. Pearson Photography


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