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Merry Christmas to All!

Posted on 12/26/2013

The Holidays are a special time in Beaches of Brunswick County. Weather wise, you never know what you’re going to get. This time last week it was a warm and sunny 75. I for one skipped out of work early one day (shhhh, don’t tell my boss!), to enjoy the beach weather. Feeling the sun on my skin might not have put me in the holiday mood, but it sure felt nice! But the cold weather came just in time for Christmas Eve. I was able to enjoy a hot tottie by the firepit with my family on Christmas Eve, while seeing Christmas lights reflect over the water. It really was magical.  I truly am blessed to be from such a beautiful place. While others have to battle the snow, I complain when it drops to 45. Yesterday I told my dad it was “freezing” out. He so kindly pointed to the thermometer on their porch which ready 47 degrees and said, “not quite”.  Sometimes I think it would be nice to live somewhere that it snows, but truly, I couldn’t imagine Christmas anywhere other than the Brunswick Beaches!

We here at Visit Brunswick Beaches hope you and your family had a safe and blessed Christmas and enjoy the rest of your holiday season. Have a funny Christmas story?  Email me at for a chance to be featured on Facebook or Twitter!

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